Although the first electric bicycles were over 120 years old, they invaded our cities and countryside in just a few years. To believe that mankind has not been ready to dive until now. As far as it could, the bikes are becoming more and more clear today. Moreover, (almost) all bicycle brands started this new transportation revolution. It must be said that the cities leave him more places and the feelings provided by VVT AE in the countryside and in the forest are all stronger because the physical effort is less. However, before countless new models, whose prices range from single to three, it’s not easy to make the right choice. What are the criteria that allow you to choose for ATV?How to choose your electric mtb?

The Basic Criteria For Choosing an Electric Mountain Bike

Let’s start with the engine. There are three types of motors for electric bicycles:

  • The central motor, suitable for the wheel axle, is independent of the front or rear wheels
  • Remote engine, can be placed anywhere on the bike, but must be connected to a chain with a transmission plate
  • Pedal motor, integrated directly into the bike frame

More resistant, more reliable and capable of developing much greater power, these engines are preferred for electric mtb. Know that the maximum capacity developed by a bicycle on the market is 250 Watts. We are far from the strength that can muscular the great champions of bicycles. But well above the average capacity of an average user like us. 250 Watts help with electricity to ride, especially mountain bikes, so on rough roads, it was huge. Another point to look closely, engine torque. For car engines, torque is more, if not more important than nominal power. It is expressed in Newtons per meter (Nm).For maximum power, don’t hesitate to look around 50 to 60 Nm. But even around 35-40,

Basic criteria for choosing an electric bike: battery

Just like how you are concerned about pedal motors, you have to pay attention to the battery. As a general rule, and for more comfort, use regular lithium-ion batteries. Why? They recharge faster, and thus save time and energy, they last longer and in particular, are much lighter than their counterparts. The first electric bicycles carried heavy lead batteries. But time has passed. Then you need to calculate battery life and power. Some bicycles have a large motor and small batteries. Ideal for small distances that are repeated daily, for example, but not feasible when passing through anchors in search of an ideal environment or spending your Sunday afternoon.In addition, it is better to maintain a combination of engine and battery. Check battery life time, in watt hours (Wh) or Ampere per hour (Ah). The higher the number, the longer the battery will accompany you. For information, autonomy 500 Wh corresponds to a distance of 50 to 90 km. If the margin is large, it depends on how you use it. However, keep in mind that a city bike equipped with a hub motor can recharge the battery each time the brakes or at each downgrade. This is not the case on a pedal motor. To finish, look closely at the power, in Volt, of the battery. Usually you will find 24V or 36V (for a good electric bike on any terrain).Of course, at 36V, you won’t suffer any power outages. Small specifications; Lock your pin well. The latter is removable, for recharging purposes, it can be turned off due to road vibrations.

Technical elements dedicated to mountain bike

For the rest, if you’re already a fan of mountain biking or off-road biking (vtc), you’ll be able to make the right choices about frames, wheels, brakes, suspension, rear derailleur, etc. For starters, we owe you some explanations, starting with the mountain bike family. And yes, there are several types

  • Downhill road (literally, steep hill) or downhill electric mountain bike. Completely designed for descendants with very wide forks and suspension for shock absorbers, they are very bad wheels, but ensure thrills.
  • All & Mountain (literally everywhere and mountain) or enduro electricmountain bike. Swiss mountain bike knife Comfortable everywhere, it’s still for antics. While his lighter frame also allows him to climb the mountain, he still requires a commitment from his driver. If you are mainly looking for a walk in the woods or on the streets, like
  • Transnational electric mountain bicycles (literally rural areas, wasteland). It is by far the most rolling and still preferred because of their excellent performance, including on the road

Other specifications: frame

As mentioned above, the motors installed in electric assist mtb are fully integrated in the crankset and in the chassis. The AE mountain bike frame is different from the usual MTB frame. The design itself is designed to integrate the elements of the engine. For greater comfort, it is better to choose short frames, simply because they can lower the focus and thus hold the road better. As a bonus, these short frames make the electric bike more nervous, more dynamic, more responsive, while maintaining the lightness of the bike and maintaining a very good balance. good. If the engine is installed in the duct down, make sure the battery is removed simply and easily. Another detail about batteries, always store it at room temperature.Ditto to recharge elsewhere. In fact, an electric mountain bike so designed cannot be compared to a mountain bike equipped with an electric kit.

Other specifications: fork and suspension

Regarding fork and suspension, you will also find lots of different measures. Measurements are expressed in millimeters. They show the movement allowing the fork. The bigger the travel, the less the bike rolls, but the more it can absorb shocks. Here are the measures and why they are developed:

  • 180 mm and beyond, bicycles are called ‘all suspended’. Here, the suspension and deflection are studied above all for the strong feeling of descendants with a truly involved pilot. Risks can be very important. Abstinence neophyte.
  • 150 mm, also ‘all suspended’. There are ink driver still committed. Ideal for mountain routes
  • 120 mm, still ‘completely suspended’. The difference is that with a lower travel, you will have a perfect partner for cross-country trips
  • 100 mm, an ideal compromise that combines a simple walk to a slightly more muscular getaway. Attention, it is also a more expensive fork
  • 80 mm, your companion in the forest on Sunday with family or friends.

Other specifications: wheel size

This is a fairly modern question. Not long ago, wheels were the same size for all bicycles. But since the appearance of 29-inch wheels, the deal has changed. Here are the main wheel sizes you can find. We’re deliberately setting aside 26-inch wheels, which have become obsolete for electric bikes because of their low inertia:

  • 27.5 inches, also known as 650b. They are powerful, easy to manage and very agile
  • 27.5 inches +. The newest novelty, these wheels seem to have been developed specifically for electric mountain bicycles. Designed to meet a comfortable problem, they fulfill their role perfectly. The handlebars, less disturbed, promote bike handling and increase driving comfort. The bigger wheels allow for better understanding of obstacles, suddenly, seemingly becoming much smaller. The bike also becomes faster and it travels through mud areas more easily, due to the better distribution of engine power. Normally, the tires are wider. Traditional mountain bikers appreciate the moderately large tires. Logically, the footprint loses in worry what it achieves in stability.But with one engine, everything is different. The anxiety is provided by the engine.
  • 29 inches. By 2004, they had revolutionized mountain biking. Allowing to develop more power and more inertia, they actually devour obstacles and are very rolling on flat roads. Great on an AE mountain bike, they become much less on a traditional mountain bike. It loses power for bitter 29 inch wheels.

Do not forget accessories

You still need to identify your brakes and the type of rear derailleur you want to see mounted on your ATV. These issues are less important than the previous ones. First, because they will only improve your comfort on bicycles. Then, because there is not much difference on an electric bike. Especially note that on an AE mountain bike, the question of one or two trays has less impact, due to the power developed by the engine. Here, it is entirely possible to choose a single tray with eleven speeds. This is also what is most commonly seen on high-end bikes. XT, Shimano or DEORE are good brands. For brakes,Now everyone has access to hydraulic disc brakes, which are lighter and exceptionally cheaper than before. Finally, before riding, always dress with two or three things:

  • A backpack with spare batteries, water, pumps, first aid kit and some patches. You never know.
  • Bicycle lock. It would be a shame to see such a beautiful investment disappear.
  • Bicycle helmet. Helmets are essential. Each human being has only one skull, one brain. The slightest shock may unfortunately have irreversible consequences. The design of modern helmets has changed. And, if you feel like it, ask an artist you know to personalize it.

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