How to choose an electric folding bike?


The best folding electric bike

Practical, easy to transport and safe, these days they are perfect and comprehensive models that can meet different types of requirements.

Electric bicycles have become a trendy mode of transportation. Easy to use, efficient and practical, electric bicycles are attracting more and more cyclists. In addition, today there are several models that talk about simplifying your life and among them there are folding electric bicycles. If you’re thinking of having your own folding electric bike but don’t know where to start, this guide is for you.

The main types of electric folding bikes are available

More economical and ecological than cars, and less tired than conventional bikes or mountain bicycles, electric bikes are an undeniable asset in everyday life. For sustainable moves, it is a very good alternative. But the number of models in the market can be very confusing. Therefore, it is necessary to make the right choice, in order to know the main categories:

Folding urban electric bike: this is the first electric bicycle model to appear and probably the most popular in France. Urban electric bikes bring exactly what we’re looking for in an electric bike: the ability to do without a bike in the city for daily commute.

VTC folding electric bike: this model was launched thanks to the view of the bicycle tour. They are reaping more success. This is a good model for walking in nature. A bit heavy and heavy like urban electric bikes, they also have an engine more suited to slopes and difficult terrain.
Folding mountain bike: Available as a folding model, electric mountain bike is now gaining legality. These models are actually being used more and more by cyclists in search of thrills or those who need valuable help to climb some impassable obstacles without necessarily having to There is an optimal physical condition.

Electric powered road bicycles: this is the most recent model on the market. If you are a cyclist who wants to give you a challenge, then it’s your bike.
But for practical reasons, I invite you to take a closer look at the most flexible models that can meet your needs in a variety of situations.

An electric folding bike: first weight!

When you’re looking for a folding model, it’s because you want to take it everywhere. Easy to store, and suitable for nomadic use, this type of electric bicycle perfectly meets the requirements of travelers. But to take advantage of the ease of use, choose those that are easy to transport.

For this reason, it would be necessary above all to take into account weight. The less heavy the vehicle, the more realistic it is. Therefore, just having a foldable electric bike is not enough, choose a two-wheeler that weighs an average of twenty pounds, not more. Your bike will be much easier to manage at this time. For example, consider folding electric bicycles with aluminum frames to ensure their lightness.

Foldability of electric bicycles

An electric folding bike is fine, but an electric bike with maximum folding capacity is better.

In the market, you can find models that can be bent once or twice. But you can also find models that fold up to three or four times, which is incredible but real! Your electric bike will not be bulky at this time.

Other criteria to consider

The power of the engine

Generally expressed by Watts, the more you choose a powerful engine, plus the electric folding bike your will perform. Do not choose a power lower than 250 W if you want to benefit from a favorable electrical support without consuming too much battery. Those who will need to use their bikes for extreme sports, stronger models of 400 to 500 W would be advised.

The battery

The number shown in Wh does not always represent battery life. Other things to consider on this topic, such as the level of assistance, the type of terrain covered, charging time, inflation of tires, etc. Therefore, for comfortable use of your folding electric bike, it is better to switch to a 250 Wh battery to the minimum.

Support level

Today, there are folding electric bicycles that provide a number of support levels that allow you to make the necessary adjustments depending on your pedal force. You will benefit from many speed levels. For optimal tuning, electric bicycles should have at least four levels.

Building materials for cycling

Of course, we expect an electric folding bike to be as strong as possible. A solid chassis, good engine, durable battery and tires that fit the environment in which you drive will be welcome.


The quality of the brakes is also important, as the brakes must ensure optimal safety. In this sense, I recommend using the most reliable special hydraulic disc brakes. But if you don’t have the budget, you can still point out a little less efficient but still reliable mechanical disc brakes. In any case, you also have drum brakes

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