If you’re tired of pestering in traffic jams, the bike solution is all over. You will be freer, you will save time and regain fitness. Only problem, if your trip is long or it has a lot of elevation, you may arrive too tired at the place of your work. To overcome this, there are electric mountain bikes, or rather electric mountain bikes (or MTB AE). Less physical effort for more freedom. It remains to find the right bike in the right budget. In other words, find a cheap electric ATV.

Why an electric mountain bike and not an electric city bike?

It’s a choice that belongs to you. But be aware that an electric road bicycle will not take you wherever you want. Exit the bucolic walks in the countryside on weekends with family or friends. The big advantage of an all-terrain electric bike is that nowadays, it has become more mobile, absorbing as well the obstacles in the middle of nature that it swallows the asphalt of our so-called civilized cities. For this, you will have to choose the right criteria:

  • Battery life
  • Engine power
  • Frame shape
  • Wheel sizes …

Because what gives VAE its quality is related to different parameters, starting with the use you make of it. No need to choose a mountain bike downhill equipped to roam the streets of Paris. Even the descents of Montmartre will not be enough to justify such a choice. Know the right compromise between the capabilities of the engine and its battery on one side, the size of the wheels on the other and your ability to press the pedals. Because he’s pedaling you. It is an electric bike. He assists you in your effort, but does not do it for you. And it is not necessarily the most expensive mountain bike that will be the most comfortable for your commute to work. Of course, depending on the space and storage you have, you can also prefer a folding bike, which also exists in electrical technology.

How to choose a mountain bike AE without ruining me?

you can afford to invest in a higher-end bike, the latter remaining anyway much cheaper than a car. So, the question of the budget arises in two very distinct terms:

For a simple companion bike, see a touring bike, even the cheapest electric ATV can seem expensive
As part of a car replacement and a change in philosophy of life, even the most expensive electric mountain bike may seem to you an investment lighter than a car. And we do not even talk about fuel and maintenance …


What criteria support my choice?

As mentioned above, the criteria of choice are related to your comfort on the bike, its autonomy, its power and its ability to ride well on all types of coverings, from the urban center to the local roads. But all this must be measured by the yardstick of your real needs and not your fantasized desires. As an indication, here are the numbers that you will read about the different bikes you will come across:

Pinup items search:

Engines: Max power, 250 Watts (this is the legal maximum allowed), torque, 50 to 60 Nm (Newton meter) for a recovery and accelerations really canon.

Batteries: 500 Wh (or Ah) correspond to a range of 50 to 90 kilometers, battery power, 24 to 36 Volts.

Wheels: 27.5 inches, maneuverable and responsive, 27.5 +, manoeuvrable and comfortable, whatever the condition of the road or the road; 29 inches, powerful and very rolling.

To find your electric ATV cheap, you just need to compile the elements you need according to your use. Do you really need a range of 90 km to perform 5 km every day at most? Do you really need wheels swallowing the forest obstacles to get to work by borrowing bitumen? Is the fully suspended frame really necessary to ride on the dish permanently?


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