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Electric Bicycle

Fascinated by the help of the state, you want to invest in an electric bike. After all, with reductions of up to € 200 and miles from your employer, it’s time to get started.

The market for electric bicycles, also known as electric bicycles, is booming. All bicycle brands offer, from Peugeot to Gitane, through EasyBike. However, all bikes are not equal, even at first glance, it’s not easy to see why it costs only € 500 while another one is more than € 2,000.

Buying an electric bike is a real investment in principle that will allow you to move for several years. Therefore, it is important to choose a solid and reliable model that will give you complete satisfaction. To help you in your choice, I suggest this complete file on this topic. You will find answers to all your questions, and I have no doubt that after reading you will be able to buy the bike you need.

What is electric bicycles?

I have traveled by bike for about ten years. So to say I am not dazzled by the concept of electric bike. Later, on an outing with friends at Alsace vineyard, I had the chance to test it out.

Be aware that electric bicycles are heavier than regular bikes, so take some time to adapt, especially when starting. In addition, you do not have to use electrical assistance all the time. On our bikes, there are 5 levels of support and I remember that I spent part of the day without using them (to discover that I pedal without difficulty at 18 km / hour). Except for a slight boost, instead of skipping a device, I turned on the audience. You immediately feel the difference, you have to pedal, but with the right settings, it’s never difficult.

So of course for safety reasons, the bike is clamped at 25 km / h (which can be frustrating, I agree). However, this allowed our various small troupes (one of us to not ride a bicycle for a few years) to stay together without being exhausted.

I think if people only create small distances or they live in the middle of the plains, then buying an electric bike is not very relevant. But in cities like Lyon or Besançon, where you spend time up and down, it simplifies travel very quickly.

For small distances, check out our comparison article about gyroroues or the best presentation of electric scooters.

How to choose an electric bike?

To choose a quality electric bike, do not find the best price. Indeed, the first price is often the models that will cause you problems and incur additional costs for months. Here are the factors to consider to get value for money:

✓ Frames and outfits
There are three ways to ride a bike. On city bikes, we have a straight back and a low and open frame. If you want to lean slightly, you’ll need to choose VTC, whose frames vary according to the models.
Ultimately, mountain biking is a sports model where you really rely on the handlebars.
It is possible to travel by mountain bike in town, even if the opposite is less possible. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account your comfort and use.

✓ Battery
Some points to take into account: its position (on the frame or luggage rack), weight, tightness and even the brand (Panasonic and Bosch are not bad at all).
At the autonomy level, it must provide at least 50 km and some models can go up to 150 km. Finally, try to know the number of recharge cycles. This is truly optimal battery life. Beyond this number, his performance diminished. This number can vary from 200 to 1000.

✓ The engine
The engine can be installed in three different positions: on the front wheel, on the rear wheel, on the crankset. Each has advantages and disadvantages.
In the front, we buy a cheap bike. In the back we gain power. Ideal for comfort and power is the engine on the pedal.

✓ Weight of bike
The bike can weigh from 9 to 30 kg.
I personally have a girlfriend that I will meet by train once a month. She lives near the train station without an elevator. So I have to bring my bike down the tracks and back up. It is never a pleasure, so for me, weight is essential.

Where will you bike? Under what circumstances?

The options
Go around the options. Here’s what you can expect / desire: boot help, command panel, multiple levels of help.

Top 10 best selling electric bikes

To help you in your selection and even, if you want, quickly choose, I recommend exploring the best electric bicycles. These are favorite models of Internet users.

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Why should buy electric bike?

The electric bicycle in my eyes is the most efficient electric mobility device. It is possible to perform 50 km in a day without any difficulty when a person often sports. The ecological impact is extremely limited. And the cost of recharging is really ridiculous.

In addition, there is even now an electric motorbike to carry children and when the battery is on the frame, you can install the child seat in the back without difficulty.

What is the price of an electric bike?

The average price has been assessed at 1500 euros. Prices may vary from 700 to 4000 €.

Then think about adding a helmet (highly recommended, we go faster, more violent accidents) and especially a very good anti-theft type.

On the other hand, if you already have a very good bike, you only need to buy one set of electric bikes, including everything you need to transform your bike.

Different types of electric bicycles

When we talk about electric bicycles, everyone has the idea, the classic model to move around the city and limited to 25 km / h.
However, there is also another one, which some people call speed bikes to distinguish it. Similarly, in more off-road format and with the ability to drive up to 45 km / h. According to the cons, it must follow the rules of the motorbike.


Electric bicycles are not a mode of transportation for those who are not accustomed to cycling. It is suitable for everyone and even cyclists will gain comfort and mobility. Therefore, it is immediately easier to navigate with races stored in a backpack or with a child, regardless of the terrain.

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