Best Electric Scooters For Climbing Hills


Electric scooters are terrific, however a few of them deal with travel on anything apart from level surfaces. With that in mind, we have actually done the research study to determine which mobility scooters are the 10 best electric scooters for climbing hills in 2020. It takes a lot of engine power and torque to get an electrical mobility scooter up a hillside. Particularly if capital is high or the rider is hefty. Thankfully, there are a reasonably high variety of high powered mobility scooters made to assist you to navigate when riding your electrical scooter around areas with even more hillside climbing to do. Among these mobility scooters will certainly help you to nip up hills without reducing or battling whatsoever. Regardless of how steep the hill is or how greatly stuffed your electrical scooter may be.

We have actually done the research, so you don’t have to. As well as worked out a list of the 10 best electric mobility scooters for climbing hills in 2020 to assist make your life much easier. Every one of these are fantastic selections. Some wonderful attributes on offer to make it simpler to climb hills on your electric scooter. Below are our top 10 ideal electric mobility scooter evaluations for climbing up hillsides in 2020.

10 Best Electric Scooter for Climbing Hills in 2020

Segway-Ninebot KickScooter ES2 Pro Electric Kick Scooter

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The Segway Ninebot Kick Scooter ES2 Pro Electric Kick Mobility Scooter is an electric mobility scooter with a high powered motor created to drive it up steep hills also when heavily filled. It’s smooth as well as lightweight. Yet still more than capable of dealing with heavy lots as well as tough gradients. This Segway electric mobility scooter pro is a light-weight and also small scooter that can be quickly folded up for easy transport. Breaking down to a tiny and light sufficient item that it can be carried around in one hand with no problem. The ES2 has a high charged battery that can drive the scooter at up to 15.5 miles per hr. As well as travel approximately 15.5 miles on one single charge. It’s terrific for reasonably long distance traveling at remarkably broadband. And also can make circumnavigate also hillside loaded cities quick and also simple.


  • Lightweight as well as collapsible
  • Comfy wheel system
  • High powered electric motor
  • Advanced extra attributes
  • Lengthy charge

Why We Liked It— The Segway Ninebot KickScooter ES2 Pro Electric Kick Scooter is an excellent selection for urban use and even for going a little escape of town. It can take you a fairly long way at high speeds, and its hillside climbing torque is impressive for such a small, folding, lightweight piece of equipment.

FreegoUSA Electric Scooter FS10D

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The FreegoUSA Electric Scooter FS10D is an extremely high powered folding electric scooter bike. That can take a trip at surprisingly high speeds. Its effective motor is greater than efficient in hauling heavy loads up fairly steep hillsides. However, on level ground it can an outstanding 35 mph full throttle, blowing most of the competition out of the water. This is a solid and also sturdy bike. Yet it’s still efficient in folding in half for very easy transportation. Dramatically reducing the clumsiness of moving a big scooter by hand. It holds charge well, giving the Freego UNITED STATES FS10D Electric Scooter an operative series of 20 to 30 miles. Depending on the conditions in which you’re riding. This is a high powered scooter that’s great for long, hard journeys.


  • High max rate
  • Long fee
  • Front and also rear disc brakes
  • High powered electric motor
  • Folding building and construction

Why We Liked It— The full throttle of the FreegoUSA Electric Mobility scooter FS10D is genuinely excellent. This is an effective folding bike that can take you anywhere at a remarkably nippy pace and can eat its way up hills easily.

GOTRAX GXL Commuting Electric Scooter

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Flaunting large tires for added convenience on most roads. The GOTRAX GXL Commuting Electric Scooter is a wonderful traveler mobility scooter. Allowing you to zoom around web traffic and also get through the city with both rate as well as convenience. Its cost will just take you 9 to 12 miles at a time. But it reenergizes reasonably rapidly and also is greater than effective sufficient to lug hefty loads up hillsides in comfort. On flat surface areas, the GOTRAX GXL electrical kick mobility scooter can take a trip at up to 15.5 mph. Although it will certainly be slower on hills. The body of the scooter folds up down as well as secures into place for simple transport by hand. Reducing the difficulty of carrying a huge electrical scooter.


  • Big pneumatic tires
  • High powered electric motor
  • Fast fee
  • Folding construction
  • Advanced additional attributes

Why We Liked It— The GOTRAX GXL Driving Electric Mobility scooter is a great choice for travelers. That do not require to go too far on one charge. It’s not mosting likely to take you specifically cross countries, yet 9 to 12 miles should be ample for a lot of commutes. This is an excellent, comfy selection that can easily deal with most hillsides.

Razor E100 Electric Scooter

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The E100 Razor Electric Mobility scooter is much less sturdy than a number of its rivals and just able to hold a maximum weight of as much as 120 pounds. Apart from that, however, it’s a great low spending plan option for light-weight individuals or kids. It’s simple and also easy to use but flaunts a high torque motor that’s more than efficient in bring lightweight individuals or kids up hillsides without major loss of efficiency. The Razor E100 Electric Scooter’s battery doesn’t last particularly long, yet it reenergizes rapidly, aiding you or your child return onto the road as rapidly as possible, and also can traveling at approximately 10 miles per hour on level surfaces also when completely loaded.


  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive
  • Instinctive to use
  • Series of colors offered
  • Great for youngsters

Why We Liked It— This is a fantastic, high powered electric mobility scooter for children that won’t cost a fortune. It’s uncommon to see an electric kick scooter developed to be child-friendly that can traveling uphill, but the Razor E100 Electric Mobility scooter fills that particular niche extremely properly.

Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight

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The Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight electrical mobility scooter is a tough as well as high powered electric kick mobility scooter with a variety of notable functions. Its tires are made from army quality airless honeycomb rubber technology, guaranteeing that they’ll never ever go flat. The battery charges in a fast 3 and a fifty percent hrs, and holds sufficient fee for as much as 15 miles travel range. It’s high powered sufficient for a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour, although a little less when traveling uphill. This is a strong enough electric mobility scooter to quickly bring most users up fairly steep hills, while still being developed to fold away right into a fairly compact space for very easy hand transport.


  • Fast charging battery
  • High power motor
  • Folding style
  • Sturdy tires
  • Electronic brake system

Why We Liked It— The solid tires of the Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight electrical mobility scooter make a statement: This is a difficult, resilient mobility scooter that can survive anything and take you anywhere. The remainder of its building and construction greater than measures up to this statement, and also it’s a great, strong choice for any person in search of a premium electric mobility scooter.

UberScoot 1600w Electric Scooter

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The UberScoot 160w Electric Scooter is a high tech looking device, combining the crucial attributes of an electric scooter with a variety of design attributes obtained from mountain bicycle. It has huge 11-inch tires, much larger than a lot of scooters, featuring a heavily knobbed surface for strong grasp on uneven surface. This is a scooter specifically created for uphill tracks as well as is strong enough to carry an optimum individual weight of 265 lbs uphill. This is an incredibly strong and high powered device that’s specifically developed for offroad riding, rather than the more typical travelling electric mobility scooters easily offered from the majority of electrical outlets.


  • Big offroad tires
  • Economic situation mode
  • Folding construction
  • Durable building and construction
  • Front and also back disc brakes

Why We Liked It— The mtb affected the style of the UberScoot 1600w 48v Electric Mobility scooter and makes it a terrific choice for anybody meaning to ride their electrical mobility scooter on harsh surface or in offroad settings.

Swagtron 200W SWAGCYCLE Envy Steel

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Something of a strange looking device, the Swagtron 200W SWAGCYCLE Envy Steel is a layout crossbreed midway between a bike and a mobility scooter. This layout enables it to have some of the power as well as comfort of a bicycle, with a seat and also front placed footrests, while maintaining the lightweight, portable nature, and very easy transportability of an electrical mobility scooter. Not as tiny or as foldable as a lot of scooters, this is still much easier to compress and also carry about than a lot of folding bicycles. With its large wheels and powerful 200W motor, this mobility scooter is conveniently able to travel up even reasonably high inclines.


  • Bike design
  • Folding building and construction
  • High powered electric motor
  • Fast charge
  • Rear wheel disc brake

Why We Liked It— The Swagtron 200W SWAGCYCLE Envy Steel is an unique design that sticks out from the group by its very nature as a crossbreed in between an electrical mobility scooter and also folding bike. It’s high powered as well as efficient, thanks to its fairly large body.

XPRIT Folding Electric Kick Scooter

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A glossy and flashy electrical mobility scooter, the XPRIT Folding Electric Kick Mobility scooter is powerful and also effective, able to transport most customers up hills at a relatively high speed. It looks slick and futuristic, however this high powered folding electrical scooter packs a remarkably high strike and also is appropriate for slopes as well as rougher road surface areas along with city commute riding. It’s worth noting that this electric scooter is not water resistant, so for your own security it is recommended to avoid utilizing it on damp surface areas or throughout stormy weather condition. The XPRIT Folding Electric Kick Mobility scooter is lightweight as well as sturdy as well as folds up down to a compact size for very easy storage and guidebook transport.


  • Lightweight aluminum structure
  • Rapid velocity
  • High tech accessories
  • Folding design
  • Easy to set up

Why We Liked It— The XPRIT Folding Electric Kick Scooter looks wonderful and also provides high performance. It’s light-weight, a bit showy, as well as easy to use, making it a terrific selection of electrical scooter for any individual who wishes to flaunt a little bit.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter, 18.6 Miles

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The Xiaomi Mi Electric Mobility scooter is a high-performance electric mobility scooter with costs layout. Its 250W motor allows it to chew up hills effortlessly, aiding you to efficiently get up relatively steep inclines with no difficulty. The Xiaomi Mi Electric Kick Scooter can travel at up to 15.5 mph on flat surfaces, and a little less up hills, with an operative range of 18 miles on a single charge. The entire system is easy to use and intuitively designed, following the same ergonomic, easy to understand geometric design cues across the body and accessories of the scooter.


  • High capacity battery
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Intuitive design
  • Folding construction
  • High power motor

Why We Liked It— The Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter is designed for intuitive use and high performance, offering great hill climbing power along with a long operative range.

Swagtron City Commuter Electric Scooter

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The Swagtron City Commuter Electric Scooter is a sturdy commuting electric scooter, optimized for urban commutes but more than capable of handling rougher surfaces and inclines. Its large 8.5-inch wheels help it to take rough surfaces with ease, smoothing your ride substantially and maintaining a high level of comfort. Its frame is made from strong, lightweight aluminum, and is capable of supporting riders weighing up to 320 lbs. This durability and strength make the Swagtron City Commuter Electric Scooter a long-lasting scooter that can survive regular heavy use, requiring relatively little maintenance.


  • High powered motor
  • Folding design
  • Fast charging battery
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Sturdy construction

Why We Liked It— The 320 lbs maximum user weight of the Swagtron City Commuter Electric Scooter is higher than most of the competition can handle, making this the strongest and most durable model ofthe electric scooter on our list.

Best Electric Scooter For Climbing Hills Buyers Guide

Power vs. space

Higher wattage ratings will make motors better equipped to propel an electric scooter up a hill, but these motors tend to be larger and heavier, reducing the folding ability of the scooter and increasing its weight. Finding a balance between these two features is a worthwhile consideration. Are you more concerned with having a lightweight and easily portable scooter, or with getting the maximum power and drive possible out of your electric scooter? Your answer to this question will be a major driver in determining which model of electric scooter for climbing hills you should purchase.

Can all scooters climb hills?

No. In order to climb a hill, an electric scooter needs to have a powerful enough motor to carry its own weight and the weight of its rider up an incline. Most electric scooters are poorly designed for this, with their motors and construction being built primarily for urban commute riding.

As a general rule, motors of over 200W should be capable of carrying relatively lightweight users up small hills, but there are a number of variables that should be considered. If you’re on the heavier end, you will require a more powerful scooter motor to get you up a hill than a lighter rider attempting to climb the same hill. Similarly, if the hill you are climbing is unusually steep, you’ll find similar issues and require a higher powered scooter. Anything with a motor of 500W or more should be easily capable of carrying most users up even relatively steep hills, but larger wattage numbers generally provide a better, smoother experience when climbing hills on an electric scooter.



There are a large number of electric scooters on the market in 2020, and not all of them are worth buying. Even fewer of them are well suited for climbing hills, and if that is a major concern when buying a new electric scooter, then motor power is something important for you to consider in your electric kick scooter. All of the electric scooters for climbing hills discussed above are great choices, though, and all of them can be relied on to be dependable and effective, helping you to ride smoothly up hills without discomfort or trouble. Some are designed more for urban commutes and some more for offroad trails, but all of these are powerful enough to carry you uphill when needed.

Hopefully, our breakdowns of their major advantages and distinguishing features above should help you to determine which of our top 10 best electric scooters for climbing hills in 2020 reviews is the one for you that will give you the best support and highest power in your regular scooter use. We’ve done the research to save you time and effort, and you can trust that these 10 best electric scooters for climbing hills are 10 of the very best on the market in 2020. Armed with the knowledge of our list above, you should be more than able to buy an electric scooter for climbing hills in full confidence that you’re making a great decision and buying the right electric scooter for you and your own unique personal needs and preferences.

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