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Remember that the man needs to take care of his health and his body, for this you must play sports and avoid taking products harmful to health such as alcohol or cigarettes. But also, to be even more fit, make small bike rides is advisable when you want to remove our stress, and do a little sport at the same time. Riding a bike can also increase our mental abilities and the development of our muscles. It is not for nothing that there is a world championship of cycling race, occurs and really essential in the life of man. since we were children, when our parents had offered our first bike, until our mountain bike, we can see throughout our lives, this small vehicle offers us a lot of happiness and pleasure. Do not neglect the benefits of cycling.

That’s why we chose for you the 10 best MTB value for money.

Hillside Manila Mountain Bike 26 “Mountain Bike Bicycle

A bicycle is a better way to go for a walk a few kilometers. There is no harm in cycling if it’s just for fun. Children and even grownups practice this sport daily. Although this sport has health benefits, many doctors recommend it. That’s why the Hillside brand is quick to offer professionals or amateurs the best bicycle models. Besides, it is part of one of the famous brands in the design of bicycles. For one of its wonders, Hillside offers the Manila mountain bike with its 26-inch wheels. The product is red and black with silver rays. This bike is in the Hi frame and having an aluminum brake. It has a shock absorber forwards and backwards. The crutch is also behind. Its saddle type is made of vinyl, and has a quick release as a support. If you want to enjoy a particular bike, visit our page on the internet and make your order as soon as possible.

Hillside Highland Mountain Bike 26 “Hardtail Bike MTB

At the Hillside brand, there are all the bike models you are looking for. We invite you to visit our website and choose the bike that suits you. It is a brand specialized in the manufacture of this machine with two wheels, we guarantee you in this case the full satisfaction in the practice of our mountain bikes. The bike that the brand offers you here is indeed a highland bike mount, black in color. What sets it apart from other models is that it can easily climb the mountains. As the name suggests, it is particularly reserved for climbing. This bike was manufactured with 26-inch aluminum wheels, 19-inch frame height. His derailleur is the Shimano 21-speed model. It also has fork shock absorbers, vinyl saddle promax brakes and composes a quick release for a saddle support. If you’re going to buy it, do not wait!

Hillside Summit Mountain Bike 26 “Mountain Bike Bicycle

The bike that Hillside brand offers here is an all-terrain Summit. This is more or less special compared to its characteristic disc brakes front, rear and fully derails. Similarly for the damper, there is forward and backward. Like the other models, the Summit also has 26-inch and 21-speed wheels. She weighs about 20 kg. It will not be easy for you to make a choice since each model created by Hillside is unique. Despite this, many details are similar as long as they are Hillside products. But these are very good products compared to those of other brands. The Summit is also made of vinyl saddle and saddle support with quick tightening. The wheels are all aluminum. For any purchase, it is also recommended to visit our website on the internet and take advantage of all our offers. So do not hesitate!

F.lli Schiano Freedom – 18-speed MTB, all suspended

Do you need high performance bicycles? F.Lli Schiano manufactures brand name bicycles. For visuals and orders, check out his online sales blog. At first glance, you’ll see 18-speed mountain bikes in white and red. It has two 26-inch wheels. His derailleur is of a Shimano model. In the part of its handlebars, the mountain bike of the F Lli Schiano brand is equipped with a rotating handle control. Which means this bike is easy to handle. It is also ideal for professional training or for simple amateur use. The tires are designed at Kenda Coperton high efficiency and feature good resistance. A fork is also present in front and a suspension behind. That said, the MTB freedom is well equipped to ensure your safety. Regarding the materials used to manufacture the products of this brand, aluminum has been useful for brake levers and rims. For the frame, they used stainless steel.

KS Cycling Bliss full suspension MTB White 26 “47 cm

Cycling is classified as an extreme sport. In this case, the brand KS Cycling offers you its bikes that ensure your safety. We offer you one of the best products of the brand. This is the all-mountain bike Bliss. To see the visual of this means of transport, we invite you to consult our page on the internet. The wheels of this machine measure in the 26 inches with a frame height of 47 cm. The frame was made of steel. This mountain bike has a performance of 21 speeds. In fact, all of the brand’s bicycles are 85% pre-assembled. The mounting of each bike is in this case easy. The customers have as a work rest to do only mount the front wheel, saddle pedals and the seat post. We invite you to take advantage of these offers since the brand KS Cycling sells its products at very attractive prices. You still have to visit the website of the brand and choose from the existing proposals. Thereafter, do not hesitate to make your order.

F.lli Schiano Thunder – Women’s MTB, 18 speed, white / white color

Bikes are not just for men. The brand F Lli Schiano now manufactures special women’s bicycles. The latter are at the same time performing only those of men. Since the MTB Women’s Thunderbolt, manufactured by the aforementioned brand, has 18 speeds. It is pink and white. The wheels of this means of transport for women measure 26 inches and Shimano revoshift model derailleur. Aluminum and steel are the materials used in the manufacture of brake levers, rims and frame. The Kenda Coperton tires of this product provide good strength and performance. This feminine style bicycle is easy to handle since it constitutes a rotary handle control. No woman can resist the charm of this little wonder. If you are interested,

ecosmo ecosmo 66 cm foldable for mountain bike

Looking for a quality bike. We advise you to consult the Ecosmo online sales website. As a proposal, the brand sells a mountain bike among its products that is easy to fold. It is a very convenient transportation that will accompany you on your walks. It is actually a 21-speed folding bike Shimano is quality. It will make your ideal companion. The pedals are also foldable. This bicycle is particularly equipped with a double suspension and adapts easily to any type of ground. What makes him an ATV with a high level of mobility. Safety side, the front wheel consists of a brake disc and rear V. These wheels are rims made of aluminum and light steel. His suspension is characterized in full. On the frame plan,


The bicycles made by the Bachini brand are a bit special. They have been personalized. The Queen Bachini, for example, is a 21-speed ATV by grips with all the mechanical performance required. It is equipped with a Shimano TY21 derailleur and a telescopic fork. The original materials used for its design are professionally rigid steel for the frame and for the brake with stirrups; aluminum also for the levers as well as the rims. The latter are particularly composed of a quick coupler before. The ATV also has useful accessories such as a small bell visible at the front and a small light with batteries provided. If you are interested in this white Queen Bachini, do not hesitate to consult this product.

Orus Ds 100 Mixed Bikes

Do you want to impress people how well you know how to handle an ATV. The Orus brand is a specialist in the design of bikes adapted to any type of terrain. Besides, the Ds 100 is a mixed bike, for all kinds of people. The products of this brand are particularly of Italian origin. Orus is famous in the manufacture of its bicycles with the respect of the highest standards. They are said to be high standards as the accessories and parts used come from the biggest manufacturers in Europe. On the characteristic side, the Ds 100 consists of a 21-speed Shimano Rapidefire gear. The suspension is present in front and back. If you need to see a preview of the visual of this product, we invite you to visit our website on the internet and to place your order as soon as possible. You will have a wide choice on the size of the bicycle in question, and the colors are very varied even black, white and orange. It should be noted that the seat of this means of transport is adjustable, ideal for all kinds of people.

Mountain Bike 24 “Kids Bike Vegas 2.0 Bicycle MTB

Children, especially little girls also have their share of the best brand bikes. That’s what Hillside offers. It is intended for children who, already in their youth, are fans of circuits in the mountains on bicycles. In any case, the 24-inch mountain bike was designed specifically for children in Vegas 2.0 mode. this one has 21 Shimano-type gears with a derailleur. There is a buffer at the same time forward and backward. As for the frame, it is Hi-T in Promax. If you have a kid who loves to ride a bike, this Hillside brand is good for her. You can encourage her by rewarding her with this mountain bike for kids. We guarantee you that this pink bicycle will prove to your little girl that you are proud of her. We also ensure the safety of your child with this means of transport manufactured by Hillside brand. By cons, the child must have the mastery of the bike. If you are thinking of offering this wonder for your daughter, do not waste any more time and please everyone.

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